Sad Robot

“Sad Robot’s Katherine Pawlak has that rare breed of voice which is both powerful but also textured and deeply dramatic” – Baeble Music

LA-based SAD ROBOT have released a brand new single entitled “Fear Me,” along with announcing their new album Après Moi Le Déluge, (After Me, The Flood) available on June 23rd. The track premiered exclusively at Baeble Music last week, who highlights its “hints of regret and deeply rooted pain twisting their way through the natural beauty of her [Kat’s] voice and the track’s arrangement.”

Having already landed performances at SXSW, Sunset Strip Music Festival, KROQ “Locals Only” events, and countless other festivals and tours, Sad Robot is in the midst of a defining transition in their sound. Après Moi Le Déluge was the first album to be self-produced by co-founding member Nicolas Perez, with George Dum handling the mixing and mastering duties. The album is a conceptual one based on real life events – featuring a much bigger, dramatically different sound from previous releases.

“The studio experience differed quite a bit due to the extensive demoing and pre-production that went on for over a year from start to completion of the record,” explains vocalist Kat Pawlak. “The approach to the record was most influenced by ‘Fear Me’ – its cinematic feel shaped the entire record and changed the sound of the band.”