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[BIO]  Less than a year after the release of Ryan Traster’s Good Hearts EP, heralded as an “amazing mix of raw rock, folk, and bit of that sweet spot that makes it sound current”, the beloved troubadour returns with the gentle, yet revealing 7 inch Cruel Love on Dead Letter Records. Traster remains a midwest soul stranded in NYC, sharpened by the city bustle, yet holding tight to a solid heart that knows the contours of the prairie as well as the brownstones of Brooklyn. The darkness that seeped through the riffs on Good Hearts still hovers about the themes of Cruel Love, yet the single projects a certain optimism in its jangle and jaunt. Paired with a dreamy, laissez faire cover of Guided By Voices pop-classic “As We Go Up We Go Down” as the B side, Traster exploits fuzzy and distorted edges surrounding the addictive melodies on Cruel Love. With Good Hearts, love’s loss found Traster in the gutter; with Cruel Love, he’s lost in the clouds.

Ryan has over 10 years under his belt as a touring songwriter, having shared the stage with xiu xiu, Limbeck, New Amsterdams and more. He has recorded with members of The Jayhawks and Golden Smog. Traster’s songs have been licensed to television networks like: Discovery Channel, E!, MTV, VH1, and more. Ryan recently had a song featured on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, later hijacked by Starbucks without him knowing.


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